Effective Legal Communication Skills
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Law is basically communication. It represents creative work in general jurisprudence with an obvious focus on the communicative nature of law ,shedding new light on our understanding of law and legal discourse. The central idea of this book is that law provides a framework of communication for human action. In this perspective, legal relations including legislative and adjudicative activities are understood in terms of conversation, dialogue and communicative processes, rather than of traditional models that focus on power relations. The book consists of thirteen chapters detailed as follows: Chapter One, deals with introduction to legal communication, Chapter Two covers theories and models of legal communication, Chapter Three focuses on legal language, and Chapter Four deals with listening skills. Further, Chapter Five covers note taking and note making, Chapter Six discusses reading strategies, Chapter Seven deals with essay writing and presentation skills, while Chapter Eight concentrates on quotation, citation and referencing. Chapter Nine is on library skills for lawyers while Chapter Ten is on statute reading, Chapter Eleven on case reading and writing, Chapter Twelve on statute writing and citation, and the last chapter deals with statutory interpretation and construction.


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