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We facilitiate e-publishing of books that guarantees a rigorous editorial process and layout and design of books. When a book is ready, it is immediatelly available to the market. Authors and publishers can there collect reviews about their boos before taking a further step to print the book. At this stage, we also offer print on demad services to users who will be in need of a physical book. When the publisher prints a book, physical copies will be more available through our physical distribution points and at more affordable prices than POD.

Whether you are an experienced author, new author or a publisher there are plenty of benefits for e-publishing your books with us. Above making your book available in seconds to whoever needsit, Latern gives first time author an opportunity to learn more about how the market responds to their works and to publishers and experienced authors, a door to sell their works to a wider market beyond their current reach.

We can summarize the benefits of Lantern as follows:

  • A wider reach of books around the world.
  • An exceptional global access to Kiswahili books whose need in Universities teaching Kiswahili across the world is rising.
  • Promotion of books in various local and international colleges thereby increasing global awareness of publishers, authors and the people and their culture.
  • Publishers will be able to maintain availability of books that have a small market without having to print the book. Publishers can e-publish all their books whose market has shrunk to uneconomical levels and direct its few customers to get the books online. This ensures availability of books without additional printing and stocking costs.
  • Easy access to print on demand service: We connect publishers and authors to on demand printing around the world to ensure that whenever there is a demand for a physical book, it can be printed locally in the country or city where it is needed and supplied within few days.
  • Ability to sell various editions of the same book for reference and various user needs.
  • Opportunity to test the market for a new book without having to print it.
  • A platform for authors to submit their works for reviewing, editing, moderation and finally e-publishing them at minimum cost using our online editorial team.
  • Cost saving: Lantern will avail authors the opportunity to publish and distribute their books easily and at minimum costs. Through Latern, authors can quickly e-publish their works and update them based on readers’ feedbacks as they study the market trends and response for their works.
  • Accessibility: Will provide a quick means for readers to access books or read sample extracts.
  • Book review and improvement: Every book in the Lantern database will have a review page where users and teachers can comment and suggest useful additions to improve the book. This will help publishers to know the weakness of their books and also get important additions to be added in future editions.
  • Integration to publisher’s page: We will be able to integrate e-learning page in a publisher’s website that will enable publishers to resell their own books.
  • Our corporate service to schools, colleges and Universities will give books more publicity amongst readers and so boost product awareness for the physical books.