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Lantern is a digital publisher and distributor of e-books, research papers, course notes and other reference materials.


The driving motive of Lantern is to preserve local content for easy and all-time reference and simultaneously expand the reach of local books to readers around the world. Through this initiative, we expect to promote and securely make available local publications,  in particular, Kiswahili books thoughout the world.


Through Lantern, readers have a cost-efficient and swift access to books and other publications. Lantern also offers authors and publishers an opportunity to publish, promote and distribute their publications at near-zero cost and without to worry about printin or stocking of books. This way, publishing is quick and efficient. Lantern also offers authors and publishers the opportunity to test and interact with readers. In addition learning institutions are guaranteed an extensive collection reference materials which will serve teachers and students anywhere they are.


Lantern presents a platform for publish and access knowledge swiftly and affordably.





The objective of Lantern is to facilitate preservation and improve accessibility of local publications in serving academic, professional and individual needs.


In the process, Lantern expects to open the global market to local publications, bring to life useful local publications that have gone out of print due to their small potential market, support e-book resellers with a one stop source of e-books for their websites and take local authors on the global stage.




To become the largest and most dependable digital repository of local publications and a bridge for international publications in the region.





To preserve, promote and improve accessibility of local and international digital publications to individuals and institutions around the world.